What To Do

There are several ways that East Boston residents can adapt their property to be more prepared for the effects of climate change.


1. Sandbags: These are a traditional means of keeping water out of homes. They can be purchased at hardware stores like Home Depot and placed around property.

2. Sealing basements: Property owners assess their homes to find where water leaks in. Then you can buy waterproof materials and close up cracks in the walls or floors.

3. Moving utilities and possessions: If flooding is unavoidable, the movement of important utilities out of those areas might be considered.


There is a large proportion of residents in East Boston who do not own their own homes. They may not be able to do the above suggestions, but everyone can contact the government. The best way to influence the government’s policies for other areas of climate adaptation—providing incentives to landlords, reworking transportation plans, and fixing evacuation routes—is to contact them. Government officials want citizen engagement on this issue. On the “whom to call” tab, there is sample correspondence that can be sent over email to demonstrate your concern for climate justice in East Boston.

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