Protocol for reading transcripts and talking about the Classroom Moments
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Here is a link to the document, and the text of that document is below:

Protocol for Exploring the Transcript

We will “work” the transcript by examining students’ ideas and sense-making practices.  First, we will view video. Secondly, we will assume the voice of a participant and read the transcript aloud, trying to understand the ideas and perspectives of the person who is speaking.  Thirdly, we will use the protocol below to explore the students’ thinking, keeping in mind our own experiences and those of practicing scientists with embodied imagining.  Throughout this process, we will take an interpretive stance, as compared with an evaluative or diagnostic stance.  This means that we will a) interpret the students’ talk assuming they are making sense of the subject matter, and b) use the transcript as a source of evidence for our interpretations, referring to specific lines in the transcript and what they are evidence for, and staying close to the students’ words, gestures, expressiveness, etc.  We ask that each member of the group take responsibility for holding the group to this interpretive stance in order to ground and discipline our conversation about the classroom event.

Interpreting Students’ Sense-Making

  • What ideas about ______________ do you see the students exploring?
  • From what perspectives (e.g., values towards and relationships with nature, identities, ways of knowing) are they thinking and speaking?
  • What resources (e.g., experiences, language(s), sense-making practices, texts or other sources, the immediate conversation, etc.) might they be drawing from?
  • What do you notice about the ways the students are using language?

Interpreting Teacher’s Sense-Making

  • What scientific ideas or understandings do you see the teacher working with?
  • From what perspectives do you think she is speaking?
  • What specific pedagogical moves or decisions do you see her making?
Welcome to the Spring 2016 Semester
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Hi everyone! Welcome to ED 12X for the Spring 2016 semester. We are fortunate enough to be working with the fine folks from TERC’s Cheche Konnen center this semester. We will be developing our “interpretive power” together, to understand and work from our students’ sense-making in the classroom.

This site houses the syllabus, the reading list, support for uploading video on Torsh, and a place to post comments and/or resources to your colleagues.

You will also find materials from previous years of this course on the site, should you want to bring new ideas/readings/challenges to the group based on what you see here.

We’re looking forward to a great semester together!

Materials for Feb 25 Meeting
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Hi everyone,

One of the topics you all overwhelmingly cared to talk about it was “Case studies of good STEM teaching.” To begin working on that topic, here are two website I’d like you to spend some time reviewing:

Both websites are attempts by relatively reputable sources to support teachers in doing good mathematics and science work within the context of CCSS and NGSS (that’s Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards).

For Feb 25 – please spend time reviewing the sites – pick one discipline that is on your mind – math or science. We will have volunteers who will guide us in a discussion of what we find on these sites and how we find them useful as case-studies of good teaching.

Have fun!