The Let’s Get Ready program in Lynn KIPP is now looking for potential coaches who can teach and mentor low-income students for 1-2 nights a week. Let’s Get Ready is a non-profit organization that provides low-income high school students with free SAT preparation, admissions counseling and other support services needed to gain admission to and graduate from college in hopes of ensuring a future where all students––regardless of color and/or socioeconomic status––can enjoy access to higher education.

This is an amazing volunteer opportunity for undergraduates with a heart for practically disrupting systems that hinder all students from having equal access to education. We are looking for undergraduates who can commit to coaching one night a week, three hours per night this summer. Also, who can serve as role models and guide for high school students and possess a genuine interest in working with and teaching high school students. If you know of any undergraduates who would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please encourage them to apply at the link below:

Lynn Coach Flyer Summer 2016