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School Counselor and Other Positions, The Pike School, Andover, MA
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School Psychologist, Dartmouth Public Schools, Dartmouth, MA
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 School Psychologist
If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit a letter of interest, current resume, and proof of appropriate certification to the Superintendent’s Office.  Please note that this posting will remain active until the position is officially vacated and then filled with a qualified candidate.
Board Opportunity, Royall House and Slave Quarters Museum, Medford, MA
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Belinda Sutton Board Member

Summer Internships, Yleana Leadership Academy, Boston, Lynn/Salem/Peabody, NYC, Philadelphia, and Baltimore
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The Yleana Leadership Academy is interested in recruiting both grads and undergrads for a transformative SAT summer camp which is part SAT boot camp, part higher order thinking skills development, part leadership academy, part on-campus college experience, and part traditional summer camp. We are looking for people who would be willing to work hard and have an amazing time creating a summer camp experience for kids. It’s a ton of work but a LOT of fun!


We’re hiring for four different positions within our organization this summer; click the title below for more information about that internship.


2018 Employment Dates: June 16 – August 13, 2018


Interested in applying?


Priority Application Deadline: March 1, 2018

Various Positions, High School of Arts & Technology, NYC
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High School of Arts and Technology, NYCDOE, Hiring Flier (1)

Physics Teacher, South Shore Technical High School, Hanover, MA
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Summer Campaign Job Opportunities, Fund for the Public Interest
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Want to spend your summer working on urgent issues you care about, gaining skills that will last you a lifetime, and make good money? The Fund for the Public Interest is seeking hard-working individuals with a passion for social change to fill citizen outreach and Field Manager positions across the country this summer. We are hiring full-time staff, with leadership opportunities available, with offices in over 25 cities across the country this summer, to work on issues like stopping global warming, or getting pesticides out of our food supply. Get experience with grassroots mobilization, fundraising and the skills and connections needed to launch a career in non-profit, political, or grassroots organizing! Educate and engage citizens on pressing issues, build membership and raise money for environmental and social change groups. While on staff, you will have the opportunity to organize press conferences, gain knowledge of pressing concerns facing our country, learn how to effectively generate public support, and obtain a firm understanding of the political process. Earn an average of $6,000-$8,000 this summer, working for something you believe in and build long-lasting relationships with a team of people from across the country who share your interests and concerns on important issues! We will be on your campus Tuesday, 2/27, and Wednesday, 2/28. We would love to meet with interested students while we are on campus! To apply online, visit: or call us directly at 1-800-75-EARTH!

Middle School English Teacher, Winsor School, Boston, MA
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Full-time seventh and eighth grade English teacher

The Winsor School is an independent girls’ school for academically promising and motivated students in grades five through twelve. The School is currently seeking a full-time seventh and eighth grade English teacher for the 2018-2019 academic year. Strong candidates will have a degree in English and some upper elementary and/or middle school teaching experience. A master’s degree in education would be beneficial. A commitment to diversity work, an understanding of the importance of teacher engagement in community life, and an interest in using a variety of pedagogical approaches in the classroom are essential. The ability to use technology effectively in the teaching and learning process is also important. Please send a letter of interest, resume, recommendations, and references to: Rosie Ayala, Asst. to the Associate Head of School, The Winsor School, Pilgrim Road, Boston, MA 02215 or email:

Founding Center Director, Solbe Learning, Chestnut Hill, MA
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Solbe Job Announcement (January 2018) (2)

Steve & Kate’s Camp, Cambridge, MA
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At Steve & Kate’s, our camp philosophy is pretty simple: when you trust kids to take charge of their own learning, they will learn and grow in ways we can’t imagine.

Some people call this approach “self-directed learning,” meaning we put the child in the driver’s seat of their learning experience, rather than an adult telling them what they should learn. This means giving kids the freedom to make their own choices, explore their passions, and trust their own judgment. We believe that these lessons are vital for helping children develop the confidence to grow into the adults they one day want to become, and unfortunately, that these lessons are seldom taught in school.

Designed for kids entering Pre-K through 7th graders, we offer a massive choice of activities that cater to pretty much anything your child would be interested in. The deepest, most advanced programs at Steve & Kate’s are called Studios, which include Fashion (sewing and crocheting), Film (live-action and stop-motion animation), Coding and Robotics, Breadmaking, and Music. Designed by learning scientists and tested by kids, these studios offer a range of meaningful activities and cutting-edge technologies where campers can dig deep into their passions.

Beyond the deep dives of our Studios, we also offer a world of endless choice to our campers through a breadth of other activities. At any given time during the day, kids can get active through a range of sports, active games, and novel recreational “Specials”—slightly outrageous activities like giant inflatable slip and slides, zorbs, and go karts (these vary by location depending on space, weather and campus constraints). In our Lounge, campers who are looking to chill for a bit can relax with a book from our library or play one of our many board games. Every site also has a Game Room, which is a dedicated space for free play open before and after all main activities, featuring Just Dance, Just Sing, foosball, and a host of other interactive games. After lunch, we offer a different All-Digital Showcase each day to add variety to the schedule, especially for those attending often. These include a mix of Steve & Kate’s original documentaries—spotlighting young people out in the world doing amazing things—or capturing that same wacky, curious and entrepreneurial spirit across our campers and sites. We also have all-camp games and our own daily Gameshow, where kids can win prizes.

The most important facet of all these activities is that we don’t force specific projects or activities on the campers. Rather, we let them choose what they’re most interested in and run with it. So you’ll see campers sewing everything from clothing to accessories, mixing up different flavors in their bread, and making animated movies with their own characters and sets. These are their choices, not those of the staff. We believe that you need to trust kids with the freedom to make their own choices driven by their natural curiosity, to experiment with their own decision-making and develop the confidence to try, fail, and learn on their own. Those are incredibly valuable lifelong skills that you simply can’t teach without real life experience.


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