Licensure Information for Teachers and School Psychologists

The professional Teacher Education and School Psychology programs at Tufts prepare candidates as they work towards Initial Licensure in the state of Massachusetts. Because job searching often begins months before Initial licenses are processed, and because school districts are increasingly unable to make offers to candidates whose licenses are still pending, the department strongly encourages its MAT and School Psychology students to apply for Preliminary Licensure upon entering the program. Candidates will still need to apply for Initial Licensure upon completing the program.

Follow the steps below to apply for both the Preliminary and Initial Licenses in Massachusetts.

Step One: Create an ELAR account with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Step Two: Read the requirements for the license that you are seeking and send in the appropriate official transcript(s).

Step Three: Fill out an application for Massachusetts Certification (via your ELAR account).

Step Four: Pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTELs). All teachers and school psychologists must pass the Communication and Literacy Skills exam; all teachers must also pass the subject area test in their fields. Please see the MTEL website for test preparation materials including practice tests in Communication and Literacy Skills and Foundations in Reading.

Special Education Licensure

While our department doesn’t endorse its students for Special Education licensure in Massachusetts, we do strongly encourage our MAT students to apply for Special Education licensure through a process known as a Competency Review. Please contact Laura Rogers, High School MAT Program Interim Director, for details.

Licensure in other states

Contact the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to find out the steps for applying for licensure.

For more information and assistance, please contact Laura Rogers or Ryan Redmond.

MTEL Preparation

In most cases, a review of the materials on the MTEL site itself should give you a good sense of how to prepare for the exams, but there are various organizations that do offer prep courses if you are interested. In no way are we advertising for or vouching for these organizations, but here are a few: GOHmath and Bridgewater State University MTEL Prep Workshop Series. Contact BSU for the many workshops (not listed on the website) they are offering in the fall.