Hi everybody. Please use the comments field to:

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  • Request changes to the website

I’ll make the requested changes as promptly as I can, thanks!

– Chris


13 Responses to Changes

  1. From Chris Swan:
    in preference drop downs, add “no preference”
    question 13, change project to effort
    combine the first three bullets on DMA into one bullet
    does survey monkey have a “save” feature?

  2. Kurt says:

    Paterson not “Patterson”

  3. David Kazmer says:

    May want to:
    – Add an opening paragraph welcoming applicant, remiding them of the application purpose, and link back to the workshop overview
    – Change wording in Q8 from “Expert” to “Advanced”
    – Add Q16 checkbox is they want to be notified of future LTS opportunities/news

  4. angela bielefeldt says:

    change boulder dates to Fri Sept 14 and Sat. Sept 15

    Who will be running the workshops?
    Add Paterson for Houghton and Bielefeldt for Boulder

    When and where are the workshops?
    there is a dangling “on” at the end of the Boulder item

    “What expectations should I have regarding the workshop?”
    [have] should be added to the heading

  5. Kurt says:

    Change title. Proposed: “Engineering Learning Through Service”

    Sidebar menu needs to change:
    1. No point in having a Home link
    2. No point in having a “Send Letter” link (that should be available below or after the Application)
    3. Eliminate PI names, replace with institutional logos (Colorado-Boulder, James Madison, Michigan Tech, Tufts, UMass-Lowell, and NSF)
    4. Add NSF logo and Supported through NSF Grant #DUE-1023022
    5. Replace banner photo with several that reflect LTS (I will craft)
    6. Change header “Home” to “Welcome”
    7. Change first paragraph to “What is Learning Through Service?”
    8. Change the paragraph in 7 to include example pedagogy within this umbrella “service learning, community engagement, humanitarian engineering, human-centered design, community service, etc.”
    9. Eliminate “Who will be running these workshops?” section. Instead, embed this info in the When and Where section.
    10. Greatly reduce PI profiles. Make one sentence each with links to paragraph description (or personal websites).

    • I’ve made all these changes except for removing the page links on the left side of the site. Users who leave and revisit the site in the midst of their application process will want to be able to navigate between the two pages easily.

      Also, the title will have to be changed in many places if this is the one we want. I’ll wait for everyone to come to consensus on this on the phone.

  6. Kurt says:

    4. the NSF grant number can be hyperlinked to abstract at NSF

  7. Chris Swan says:

    Here is a final list (I hope).

    1. Under ‘What will take place at the workshop’ substitute'(LTS)’ for ‘learning through service’ in the first bullet

    2. Under ‘Who is funding this project’, the project has five grant numbers: 1022927, 1022883, 1022738, 1023022, and 1022831. All five should be listed and hyperlinked.

    3. Under ‘When and where are the workshops’, add the words “attendance at” between ‘for’ and ‘one’

    4. Under ‘What will I need to prepare…’ in No. 1, delete the word ‘survey’; in No. 2 make ‘you’ into ‘your’ , change ‘download’ to ‘view/download’, and add the word ‘separately’ after ‘us’; in No. 3 delete ‘survey’; include a first bullet that reads “A project title”; in No. 4 change ‘Goups’ to ‘Groups’ and delete ‘survey’

    5. Under ‘What expectations should I have..’ Change the 3rd sentence to the following: “You will be asked to present a poster on your proposed project at the 2014 ASEE conference that details results from your LTS effort.”

    6. Also under ‘expectations’ you should switch No. 3 with No. 4 to make them chronological.

    7. Under ‘What’s the deadline…’ change ’13th’ to ‘6th’ and ’27th’ to 20th’

    8. Under ‘Apply Now’ change first sentence to ‘Click “Apply Now” above to access the first part of the application (or see below).’

    9. Also under ‘Apply Now’ add the following text and link: ‘We also encourage all workshop applicants to complete the on-line EFELTS survey (http://jmu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6iotMXs8C5btKza). Because EFELTS survey results are anomymous, they can not be used in evaluating potential workshop participants.’

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