Biofueling Change Summary and Overview

Our group will be following up on biofuel cells, attempting to grasp a deeper understanding of how the original idea of biofuels arose and delving into other cells that could potentially have similar reactions within different environments. Also, studying how the studied process of using chemical fuels towards producing electrical currents through catalytic enzymes could be implemented in the various processes still resulting in the production of electric power and how their efficiencies would change. This could open doors to having biodegradable implants becoming possible to an assortment of applications, including new treatments of medication and numerous others.

There are many researched methods of how these biofuel cells are produced, such as enzyme-based, conversion of organic waste and also microbial-based fuel cells. The one issue that they all seem to have not yet overcome is the process of extracting or utilizing the produced electric power. It is still being studied how to transfer these supply of electrons through electrodes to be stored and then distributed. This is a concept that if learned and understood, could change the whole perception of how critical biofuel cells can be.

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