Energy from Human Motion

Assignment 2:

Human movement is another source of energy that can be harvested to power nanotechnology. One article I found discusses the research done at Vanderbilt University to harvest energy from low-frequency human motion (as slow as 0.01 Hertz). Ultrathin layers of black phosphorous nanosheets are being used to extract energy directly from human motion. The materials developed are so thin that they can be easily incorporated into clothing. According to another article, MIT researchers found a new method to harness energy from human movements. They developed a flexible electrochemical battery that begins to bend with human motion. Pressure builds up when the battery bends and an electrical current is made. This current can then be used to power other nanodevices. As we consider how we want to harvest energy to power nanotechnologies inside the body, our group might think about the ways in which humans create energy and how this energy can be transferred for internal use.


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