Powering with Glucose

One source of energy that I came across an article mentioning of a single implanted glucose biofuel cell, or GBFC, that is capable of generating sufficient power from a mammal’s bodily fluids to act as a power source for electronic devices. This type of energy generation would be the most suitable for bio/nanotechnology that would be within the body. One of the most intriguing portions of the report was that the implant didn’t have any signs of rejection or inflammation within the rat after nearly four months of the cell being implanted in the abdominal cavity. The autopsies even showed within the first two to three weeks that a thin layer of vascularized tissue begins to cover the external side of the implant, ensuring how biocompatible it would be. With this in mind, I would also begin to think about how the energy would be stored efficiently and then used appropriately for various technologies? Would the human body have the same reaction to such an implant?




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