Selected Media Coverage

-) coverage of my work on long-term determinants of development and conflict:

Vox article on Ancestry and Culture

Vox article on Long-term barriers to growth covered in Marginal Revolution and Mother Jones

Economic Times


Business Week

Evolving Economics 2

Evolving Economics 1

Economic Principals

Foreign Policy

Urbanization Project

Gene Expression

Offsetting Behavior

Vanity Fair Italy (in Italian)

Newsweek Russia (in Russian)

Smart Money Russia (in Russian)

-) coverage of my JEP article on European Integration

Britain in 2014 (ESRC magazine)

Mostly Economics

Conversable Economist

Gustavo Piga (in Italian)

-) coverage of my work on the size of nations:

The Economist

New York Times

ABC Australian Radio ABC Australian Radio

TV3 (Catalan Television) at 01:03:02 (in Catalan)

The Wall Street Journal

The Economist

Il Corriere della Sera (in Italian)

Business Week

Le Monde (in French)

Financial Times

La Vanguardia (in Spanish)

El Universal (in Spanish)

-) coverage of considerations on Radici e Futuro (in Italian)

Gazzettino and La Voce ( (in Italian)

introductory video (in Italian): video