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Smithsonian Internship: OCean Portal Education Content Management

by Valerie Cleland on October 22, 2012

Education and Outreach

PROJECT TITLEOcean Portal Education Content ManagementPROJECT DESCRIPTION: The intern will help revamp the education section of the Ocean Portal website. The project will involve working through the education section of the Ocean Portal to improve the descriptions of the lesson plans and resources provided, as well as to ensure all links and National Science Standards are up to date and accurate and content is correctly tagged to topics. The project will also involve gathering and adding relevant lesson plans and resources to the system. The intern will learn web management and technical skills, including the use of the Drupal open source Content Management System, and get to put their organizational and writing skills to use to help science teachers around the world. As the intern’s time and interests allow, he or she will have the opportunity to write about education and/or ocean issues on the Ocean Portal blog. They will have access to the vast scientific and educational resources that the Smithsonian has to offer and will gain experience in how to use the web as a tool for science education and outreach.

QUALIFICATIONS: Undergraduate student or recent graduate comfortable using basic web content management systems; Online research skills; Basic knowledge of and interest in marine science and science education; available 10 hours a week.

TIMETABLE: four months



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