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Summer Internship at Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

by Sarah Neville on March 24, 2014

Contact if you are interested in this opportunity.

This summer, the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk will be having an exhibit featuring several species of lorikeets and lorrys, around 50 birds total in a wire mesh enclosure that is 27 ft. by 72 feet and about 15 feet high.  They are looking for students who would like to be interns that would help care for the birds as well as interact with the public and educate them about their behavior and natural history.  It is an excellent opportunity to have hands-on experience with tropical birds, and an opportunity to observe first hand, interspecific and intraspecific behavior.  The public has access to the birds, participate in hand feeding  the birds, and the birds are can land on or take off from visitors at will.

Last year they had 11 species:  black capped lorry, blue streaked lorry, ornate lorry, scale breasted lorikeet, Weber’s lorikeet, Edward’s lorikeet, Forsten’s lorikeet, Rosenberg’s lorikeet, red collar lorikeet, green-naped lorikeet, Swainson’s lorikeet.  The same is expected this year. All are from a captive breeding farm in Naples, Florida.

The intern would be expected to put in a minimum of 3 days per week for 6 weeks, and work in the exhibit approximately 5 hours per day (except when pouring rain).  There would not be housing, transportation, or a stipend provided.  The birds arrive around May 19 and the stay until just after Labor day.

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