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Clean Energy Elementary Education Program – Tisch Active Citizenship Summer Fellowship

by Sarah Neville on May 1, 2014

A PAID fellowship has opened with the Tisch Active Citizenship Summer. Fellows are expected to work full time for 10 weeks and participate in a weekly Fellows meeting and will receive a stipend of $3,500 for the summer.  Contact Danica Fisher at or 617-627-4845 with your application as soon as possible.

Position description:

The Tisch Fellow will work with the Director to identify educational tools and outreach opportunities to educate Medford school children about clean energy including renewable energy, energy efficiency and recycling. The goal is to develop one or more short presentations and activities that can be given to classes and assemblies in the Medford schools, throughout the school year.   The intern will meet with current Medford elementary teachers to understand the educational level of the targeted age group and what level of language is appropriate to educating children of that age. The Medford Energy Committee is forming an education subcommittee to look at ways to educate students in Medford about energy and the environment. The intern would likely work closely with this committee as well, preparing materials that they can also use through the year.  Subsequently, the intern will work with the staff of the Office of Energy and Environment to determine the nature of the presentation, such as a hands-on 1 hour session, or an interactive 20 minute presentation. The intern would identify short videos, books and graphics to use appropriate to the age groups. The intern will work with staff from E&E to learn about Medford’s initiatives and the impact of clean energy on health and on the planet. The intern will develop presentations over the course of the summer.   Arrangements can be made for the intern to preview or test out presentation ideas at local summer camps, such as the Medford Schools Columbus Summer Fun Camp, the Boys and Girls Club Camp and others.   At the end of the program the student will have created a package of information that may include posterboards, a script, an overhead presentation, follow up activities and a parental information sheet, all of which can and will be used by others to further the clean energy educational goals of the City of Medford.

Application Process:

The application has two components:  an online form with essential contact and student status information; and materials you will send via email to a specified address.  PLEASE submit a unique cover letter, resume and recommendation tailored specifically for the placement to which you apply. For more information, download the documents below.

Download complete information (.doc):

ACS Mass 2014 Application – Final

City of Medford – Energy Education 2014

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