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Summer REU in evolutionary ecology at UIdaho and Galapagos

by Marilene Rivas-Chavez on January 24, 2020

The Parent lab ( is looking for undergraduate students to assist with field research in the Galapagos Islands. The undergraduate students will spend approximately 10 weeks (May 25 – July 31 2020) conducting research in collaboration with a research team composed of 3 Faculty, 1 postdoc, 2 graduate students and at least 1 additional undergraduate student. Various research projects are possible, including population genomics, island biogeography, invertebrate physiology, biomechanics, morphometrics, etc.
The research involves traveling to the Galapagos Islands, hiking long distances carrying field equipment on difficult terrain, backpacking and camping in remote locations, and working long hours in the laboratory to generate genomic data or measure physiological response and biomechanical variables in terrestrial invertebrates. The students will also participate in outreach activities in local schools in Galapagos.
We are looking for applicants with at least some of the following experience and skills:

  • Good communication skills and desire to work as part of a team 
  • Patience and attention to details- Prior research in biology (e.g., genomics, genetics, physiology, biomechanics, ecology, etc.)
  • Ability to travel internationally (current valid passport is required)
  • Ability to speak Spanish
  • Experience backpacking and camping in remote locations

Please contact Dr. Christine Parent at with any questions.

To apply, follow instructions here:

The deadline to submit an application is Feb 14, 2020.

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