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Climate Justice Research Assistant (volunteer position)

by Marilene Rivas-Chavez on May 1, 2020

Climate change is an all-hands-on-deck challenge. The Maine Climate Table ( is a network of nonprofits, businesses, and individuals in Maine dedicated to growing widespread participation in climate action across political, cultural, and economic divides.  Viewpoint diversity is an asset, not a liability, when it comes to solving a problem as large and long-term as climate change.  We need a bigger force.  Not a divided citizenry. 

The Maine Climate Table is seeking a summer intern interested specifically in climate justice.  In particular, the intern will compile existing peer-reviewed and gray literature on this topic.  We seek to develop a categorization framework for methods that engage those who are, or could be, disenfranchised by climate change (for example, lobster fishermen in Maine).  The intern will also conduct an inventory of climate justice and environmental justice funders in the U.S. using tools such as Foundations On-Line.  This research will be particularly useful for students interested in careers focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion and/or climate justice. This is an unpaid position. 

CONTACT: John M. Hagan, Ph.D. (

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