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Nov 11 15

PhD Position – Stress Ecology/Fear-Fire Interactions | Penn State University

by Kris Pieper

PhD Position in Stress Ecology and Fear-Fire Interactions
Department of Ecosystem Science and Management
Pennsylvania State University
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Sheriff

I am searching for a PhD student to work in the field of stress ecology or
the ecology of fear. The project is open ended and would explore the
interactive effects of predation risk and fire on the behavior and
physiology of free-living mammals, potentially eastern cotton-tail rabbits
or cotton rats as a focal species. The position is fully funded, including
tuition and summer salaries. The starting date is flexible but preference
will be for a starting date this coming summer or September 2016.
Application review will begin immediately.

This project is part of a long term investigation into the ecological role
of meso-mammalian predators in a longleaf pine ecosystem
(  Longleaf pine ecosystems are
characterized by globally significant levels of biodiversity that is
maintained by frequent low-intensity fire.  Fire influences the distribution
and abundance of food and cover resources for wildlife and this project aims
to investigate the effects of that spatio-temporal process on predator-prey
interactions. With climate-induced changes in fire ecology, it is critical
to understand how predator-prey dynamics will respond to the drastic and
immediate changes to their environment induced by fire.

The research focus of my lab ( addresses one of
the fundamental questions in biology: what limits and regulates animals in
their natural world?  Our approach is to bridge physiology, behavior, and
ecology to understand how animals interact with the world around them. As
such, we are broadly interested in the underlying physiological mechanisms
by which ecological interactions (predation, competition, climate, etcŠ)
alter behavior and cause changes in reproduction, survival, and ultimately
population demography and community structure. Projects in my research group
are centered on two major themes:

1) How ecological stressors drive changes in free-living animals¹
physiology and behavior, how this impacts reproduction and survival and how
this drives changes in population dynamics and ultimately community

2) How maternal stress may impact offspring physiology, behavior and

I place a premium on analytical skills, writing ability, research
experience, hard work, and enthusiasm. If and when you decide to contact me,
please take some time and write a thoughtful letter (because this is more
likely to generate a thoughtful response). Please send me your CV, GRE test
scores (foreign students (to the US) don¹t need to send this if they do not
have it), and transcripts. Tell me a bit about your interests, and why
you¹re interested in working with our group.

If you are interested in joining our research group please contact me via
email at

Nov 11 15

COP21 Resources for Tufts Students

by Kris Pieper

As the United Nations Conference on Climate Change prepares to hold its annual meeting (this year’s is COP21, from 11/30 – 12/11) in Paris, we have put together a list of resources for Tufts students to learn about and follow along with the negotiations from afar, courtesy of Tina Woolston.


For background:
  1. 4 expert videos on different aspects of the negotiations: their history, science and economics, pillars of climate governance, negotiating itself. 
  2. Timeline of COPs up until now
  3. The official site of COP21 in Paris
For following along up to & during the negotiations:
  1. During the negotiations, you should actually be able to watch the negotiations and see the draft texts on the official site here
  2. Climate Action Network (CAN) Eco-Newsletters. Daily during the COP.
  3. Tree Alerts climate news bulletin: I get these to my inbox weekly, highly recommend
  4. ENB (Earth Negotiations Bulletin) email listserv from IISD: daily during negotiations, very impartial.
  5. Twitter: #COP21, #GCFund, #INDC, #Action2015
Other strong news sources:
  1. Adopt a negotiator:
  2. Climate Home
  3. Climate Change TV: useful videos with top negotiators –
  4. One Climate.Net
  5. Climate and Development Knowledge Network :
  6. Chinadialogue:
  7. UNFCCC newsroom
Nov 4 15

Program Manager, “Public Engagement of Science” Project | University of Utah

by Kris Pieper

The University of Utah (UU) seeks a full-time Program Manager to join a NSF-funded project involving STEM researchers, informal science educators, and community leaders to create innovative opportunities and trainings for scientists to synergistically engage with science-inattentive public audiences (those who are uninterested, hostile, or do not have access to science and scientists).


The project will: 1) ensure that STEM researchers gain appropriate skills and academic rewards; 2) do research on how STEM researchers might shift their self-identity to science communicators and how public groups shift theirs to science learners; and 3) disseminate emerging principles and practices to other institutions. Our collaborative team consists of ecologists, informal science educators, and science of learning researchers.


Essential functions include:

  1. Oversees administrative matters on operations; contributes to strategic planning; with co-PIs, provides oversight for all activities.
  2. Assists in preparing grant proposals, audit reports, protocols, and publications;
  3. Coordinates training programs; acts as a liaison between internal and external constituencies; serves as project representative;
  4. Forecasts and monitors the program budget; negotiates contracts and service agreements.
  5. Stays abreast of legal issues and makes recommendations for compliance.
  6. Develops systems and maintains records/databases;
  7. Supervises subordinate staff.

Minimum/Required Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor degree in informal science education, science communications, or related field, with related experience.  A Masters or PhD. in natural, applied sciences, or education is preferred.
  2. Demonstrated experience coordinating complex projects with multiple partners;
  3. Demonstrated experience in assisting conducting and disseminating research;
  4. Demonstrable ability to use qualitative and quantitative approaches to understand social science data;
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills


Salary range: $37,000 to $51,000 per year

Contact: Dr. Nalini Nadkarni, Department of Biology, UU;

Nov 4 15

Program Assistant | Dept. of Wildlife Ecology and Conversation, University of Florida

by Kris Pieper

The Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of
Florida Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center is seeking a
full-time or part-time program assistant to help manage multiple projects
on wildlife and ecosystem research, modeling, and monitoring in South
Florida and the Caribbean.  For more information about our program, please
refer to

Office duties include assisting with payroll, purchasing, budgeting,
permitting, proposals, reports, and all other necessary paperwork.
Additional duties can include gathering information through literature
surveys and other sources, developing educational programs, and web-design
depending on skills and interests.

Excellent writing skills and computer proficiency (Microsoft Office: Word,
Excel) are essential.  Applicant should have at least one year of previous
work related experience with clerical procedures and systems (word
processing, managing files and records), be interested in ecology, biology,
environmental education, or related field, possess excellent organizational
and problem-solving skills, and have the ability to work well with others
in a fast-paced environment.

Compensation starts at $13 per hour there is flexibility depending upon
qualifications and experience.  Position available immediately and open
until filled.

Please send letter of interest and resume by email to with “Program Assistant” in the subject line.

Nov 4 15

Internship | Medford Office of Energy & Environment

by Kris Pieper

The Medford Office of Energy & Environment has several internship positions available throughout the year. While funding is limited, the Office has been approved for Federal Work Study by several colleges and is happy to host internships for academic credit at any time. The Office of Energy and Environment is responsible for overseeing and implementing environmentally sound programs in the City of Medford. In cooperation with other departments and organizations, the E&E office works to improve energy efficiency, climate change protection, wetlands protection, open space conservation, and storm water management. The Office is also spearheading the resiliency and adaptation planning for the City of Medford

General office help is needed year-round and frequently involves collecting energy use data from municipal sources and keeping it updated in state and federal databases as well as updating the website and helping residents. Site visits to environmental projects throughout the city occur spontaneously throughout the year. In the spring and summer, help is needed to organize and run Medford’s Harvest Your Energy Festival and the Medford Green Awards. In addition, there are frequently residential outreach programs that need coordination.

The Office of E&E is a growing department in Medford and the center of environmental and clean energy development in Medford. Located in Medford’s City Hall, the Office is a 10 minute bike ride or 25 minute walk from the Tufts Campus and is on the 95 and 96 MBTA bus routes. The Office is open Mon, Tue & Thurs 8:30-4:30, Wed 8:30-7:30pm and Fri 8:30-12:30. The position is a minimum of 15 hours a week during the summer, up to 35, and at least 8 hours a week during the school year.

Interested applicants should email a copy of your resume, and letter of interest to Alicia Hunt, Director of Energy & Environment, at

Oct 28 15

Research Assistant | MIT Transportation Discrimination Project

by Kris Pieper

Social dynamics and discrimination in transportation

Project Description: The goal of this project is to understand whether transportation systems provide equal service to customers of all races and genders.  We are recruiting students of varying backgrounds to assist with this study by reserving and taking travel options in the Boston metro area.  The research assistant is primarily focused on data collection, but the project will involve some data formatting after the experiment.

Prerequisites: Self-motivated and willing to perform work in the afternoons and evenings, and able to commit for the duration of the experiment (up to six weeks).

Sponsor: MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research

Hours: 40-80 hours total
Salary: $11/hr
Contact: Stephen Zoepf
Office: E19-429c
Phone(201) 315-2889

Oct 28 15

Friends of Alewife Reservation seeking Tufts Undergraduate Representative!

by Kris Pieper

The Friends of Alewife Reservation (FAR) are looking for a Tufts undergraduate to represent Tufts University and sit on their board. FAR,, is a nonprofit organization that works to protect and restore the Alewife  Reservation. Alewife Reservation is an urban wildlife area and DCR state park located very close to Tufts University. We would like Tufts to be a part of our efforts to preserve the area. This role would consist of attending four annual board meetings, and could also include a fieldwork project in an internship setting beginning in the spring. Email for more information.

Oct 21 15

Research Assistant (Undergrad/Graduate) | Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

by Kris Pieper

Position: Research Assistant


Site Location: Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Somerville Community

Project: Coupons for Healthier Options for Minors Purchasing Snacks, The CHOMPS Pilot Project

CHOMPS is a project designed to see if children and adolescents will buy healthier food items more often if they are given “kids-only” coupons to discount the price of healthier foods at local convenience stores. We know that children, on their own, spend a lot of money buying food when they are outside of school and home, and most of those food items are high-calorie snacks. Our study will explore and understand children’s reasons for buying snack foods outside of school and how important the price of those snack foods is when deciding to buy. We are partnered with Shape Up Somerville to do this work in corner stores of Somerville, MA, Medford, MA, and the surrounding communities. We would like to use the information we learn in Somerville, MA, Medford, MA, and the surrounding communities to help design a larger project that promotes children’s healthy food choices in other communities as well. This project is supported by Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant no. 2014-69001-21756 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Research Investigators:

Dr. Sean Cash (PI), Christina Economos (Co-I), and Anna McAlister (Co-I – Michigan State University)


  • Collect baseline data in stores located in Somerville, MA, Medford, MA, or Cambridge, MA
  • Assist with the implementation of the coupon intervention in Somerville convenience stores
  • Support the completion of the on-going literature review
  • Complete the IRB training
  • Assist with data entry, analysis and intervention design
  • The primary responsibility will be to work on tasks related to the CHOMPS project, but Dr. Cash may have additional tasks related to other studies.

Commitment: 8-10 hours per week, with the hours being dispersed throughout the week in order to allow for flexibility with study implementation needs.   Data collection will occur in stores on weekdays from 7-8am and 2-4pm (depending on the local school’s dismissal time). You must be available at least two-three days per week for one hour in the morning and afternoon to share the data collection shifts with other research assistants. Travel to Somerville and throughout the community will be required on a weekly basis during study implementation.

Compensation: $10/hour for undergraduate students; $15/hour for graduate students

To apply, submit a cover letter and resume to:

Suzanne Howell


Oct 13 15

Graduate Assistantship in Zoonotic Diseases, Wildlife, and Forest Management

by Sara Gomez Garcia

Description: The Wildlife Ecology lab
( at Tennessee State University
announces a Graduate Research Assistantship (either Master’s or
preferably PhD) beginning January 2016. The purpose of this project is
to evaluate the impacts of forest management on wildlife and tick
populations and prevalence of tick-borne pathogens. This research is an
excellent opportunity for a student who is interested in understanding
how landscape disturbances simultaneously impact wildlife populations
and zoonotic pathogen prevalence. The GRA will manage this project and
will oversee all aspects of the project, including data collection, data
analysis, and manuscript preparation in partial fulfillment of the
terminal degree. The successful applicant will be under primary
advisement of Dr. William Sutton.

Compensation: Full project support including tuition waiver and graduate

Qualifications: B.S. or M.S. in wildlife ecology, ecology, biological
sciences, or related discipline, English fluency, and a valid U.S.
driver’s license.

Desired Experience: Excellence in written and oral communication;
considerable field experience (preferably with herpetofauna and
mammals); experience with molecular techniques, including quantitative
PCR; willingness to sample and identify tick species; maturity,
responsibility and dedication to meticulous field work despite harsh,
hot, and wet field conditions; and leadership in supervision of field

For Consideration: Please send the following (in PDF format as one file)
via email to  1) cover letter expressing interest
in, potential research questions and goals for, and suitability for the
position; 2) position type (Master’s or PhD) being applied for; 3) CV or
resume describing relevant experience; 4) names and contact information
for at least three references; 5) unofficial transcripts and
undergraduate GPA; and 6) unofficial GRE scores. Please do not submit a
formal application to the Department unless requested to do so.
Applications will be accepted until 23 October 2015.

Tennessee State University (TSU) is a public university located in
downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is a burgeoning multi-cultural
city well known for excellent music. Multiple outdoor recreation
opportunities abound in close proximity to the city.

Tennessee State University is an AA/EEO employer and does not
discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex,
disability or age in its programs and activities.

Oct 13 15

Two New Open Positions at the Farming Project

by Sara Gomez Garcia

We’re excited to announce two new open positions at the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.  Please click on the links below to learn more:

World PEAS Food Hub Manager
The World PEAS Food Hub Manager will manage all activities associated with a $300,000/yr multi-farmer World PEAS Food Hub, including leading the Food Hub team in maintaining a high level of reputation for World PEAS products. World PEAS distributes fresh, locally-grown produce to over 30 distribution points around the Boston area. The Food Hub includes an expanding low-income food access component, consisting of multiple community partnerships. The Food Hub also provides market training and technical assistance to new and beginning farmers who are the main suppliers of the Food Hub.

Finance and Program Manager
The Program and Finance Manager will help develop, prepare and submit federal, state, local, and private foundation grants while ensuring that an adequate control structure is in place over the spending of funds between New Entry’s two fiscal sponsors. He/She will engage in strategic planning and financial analysis in such areas as forecasting, budgeting, engaging in cost reduction analysis, and reviewing operational performance.  He/She will facilitate the efficient operation of the office through administrative, clerical and financial managerial tasks; provide support in supervising AmeriCorps VISTA members; and coordinate New Entry events.

If you know of folks who may be interested in either of these positions, please pass along this email to them. Please feel free to contact Kimberley at with any questions regarding these open positions. Thank you!