Dear ENVS community,

September and October have come in like a lion this year at Tufts. I hope your fall semester is off to a good start and you have seen the progress that ENVS has in these past weeks.  We are excited with the growing interest in the program as evidenced by the outstanding attendance at our weekly Lunch & Learn series (Thursday at noon in the Rabb Room). We have had regular attendance greater than 30 individuals from the semester’s start. And, the number of students contacting the program to learn more about the new tracks, new internship requirements, and advisor placement has been regular.

I have two exciting announcements to make.  Over the summer, Leslie Goldberg, a specialist in internship growth and development for Communications and Media Studies (CMS), was hired to oversee the internship program for both CMS and Environmental Studies. We feel fortunate to have her join the ENVS team and look forward to developing the internship program and research experiences for undergraduates in the coming year.

One of our goals for the internship program is to put notation on your transcript (many internships require it).  As a consequence we now require that all students sign up for Env99 (a zero credit pass/fail course) the semester after completion of the internship and participate in an Internship Symposium. Ann Greaney-Williams implemented our first Internship Symposium for ENV 99. 15 students presented their Summer in

ternships and we had a very productive meeting discussing pros and cons of their internships. As always we are collecting feedback on what we at ENVS can do to improve the internship experience. Stay tuned for updates on internship opportunities and the scheduling of the Spring 2014 Symposium, which will be open to all ENVS students.

We would also like to greet our new ENVS Intern, Cooper Katz McKim, to the ENVS Program Office in Miller Hall. Cooper will be working with Ann on administrative tasks, writing for the newsletter and social media, and many other things.

A heartfelt welcome to Alexander Blanchette (Anthropology) and Andrew Kemp (Earth and Ocean Sciences), our two new cluster hire faculty who have already started taking on advisees and teaching new courses. We also have two new members to the Executive Committee in addition to Alex and Andrew, Karen Kosinski from Community Health and Modhumita Roy from the English Department; and two new ENVS advisors, Jeanne Penvenne and Alisha Rankin from the History Department. Welcome to all.

Lastly, we would like to announce our ENVS Annual Lectureship speaker, Gary Nabhan, who will be visiting on November 19th (details below).

Together, we look forward to a very productive and exciting year!


Colin Orians