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E-Week Teams:

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (Team Halligan)

Engineering Science and Psychology

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Week 2012 Schedule!


11:30-12:30 Spread the Spirit, Tabling with Schedules: Anderson, Halligan, & SciTech
6:00-8:30 Career Services Engineering Netwoking: Alumnae Lounge
8:00 IEEE Halo on the VisWall: Anderson VisWall

12:00 ASCE Tallest Structure Competition: Robinson 153
4:30 AIChE Rainbow Density Jars: Anderson 306
7:30 Robotics Competition: Anderson 210

12:00 Lego Competition: CEEO
4:30 BMES Silk Cocoon Race: Anderson 206
6:00 NSBE Duct Tape to the Wall: Anderson 309
8:00 oSTEM Dance Dance Revolution: Anderson 312

4:30 Dean Abriola Open Forum: Burden Lounge
7:30 EWB Movie Night: Anderson 208

2:30 MAES Angry Birds: Anderson 306
6:00 SWE Date an Engineer & Closing Ceremonies: SOGO

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