Janet Hill

Manager of LMS Services

Phone: 617-627-2367
Fax: 617 627-3660
Email: Janet.Hill@tufts.edu
Address: Educational & Scholarly Technology Services
University Information Technology (UIT)
16 Dearborn Road
Tufts University
Somerville, MA 0214

What I do:

As the Manager of Learning Management System Services, I am the service owner for the new university-wide learning management system (LMS) trunk. As such, I am responsible for the daily operational support of this critical enterprise system. I am also charged with coordinating the development of trunkto meet the teaching, learning, research, and assessment needs of the university.

Education & Background:

Prior to joining Tufts, I served as the Associate Director for Teaching Technology at Brandeis University where I oversaw the development of Brandeis’s open-source learning management system, the Getz Multimedia lab, and research and academic technology projects. I have over 15 years of experience working in higher education in instructional technology, administrative information systems, and library systems. I hold a Master of Science in Information Technology Management from Brandeis University.

Presentations & Publications:

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