Matthew McVey

Manager, ESTS Technology Services

Phone: 617 627-4395
Fax: 617 627-3667
Address: Educational & Scholarly Technology Services
University Information Technology (UIT)
16 Dearborn Road
Tufts University
Somerville, MA 02144
What I do:
As a System Administrator for Academic Technology, I am generally responsible for building, maintaining and securing the web, application, and database servers that support our department’s research and development efforts. These include Windows, Linux, and Solaris-based systems. I am also responsible for managing the technical architecture and general maintenance of the GIS Center’s computer lab, located in the Map Room of the Tisch Library.As an Application Administrator, I am generally responsible for installing, configuring, and supporting the applications that are hosted by Academic Technology as a service to the general academic community at Tufts. Online collaboration software (WebBoard) and dynamic web-based GIS map services (ArcIMS) are two such applications.

As a Project Manager for both instructional technology and internal Academic Technology projects, I am responsible for architecting projects, authoring project-related documentation, meeting deadlines, and coordinating the work of various Curriculum Technology Group (CTG) staff members and student developers.

As a Technology Consultant, I meet individually with faculty to assist them with decisions concerning appropriate technologies to utilize for classroom and project applications. This typically involves examining the instructional goals for the application, and recommending a technology or resource at Tufts that exists either centrally or within local IT support structures. Occasionally, if no appropriate technology exists at Tufts, then I will collaborate with peers and research alternative technologies that might be acquired to meet educational needs.

As a Web Applications Developer, I am responsible for developing both client-side and server-side applications based upon a detailed set of specifications. The most common programming languages I use include ASP, JavaScript, and HTML, among others. I am also typically involved in the debugging process, collaborating with my peers in the CTG to ensure that our web applications work as expected.

Education & Background:
B.S. Computer Science, Tufts University LA01
Professional Interests:
Currently I am interested in expanding my knowledge of system administration, especially in relation to computer security.