Stephen McDonald

Information Systems Architect

Phone: 617-627-4180
Fax: 617-627-3667
Address: Educational & Scholarly Technology Services
University Information Technology (UIT)
16 Dearborn Road
Tufts University
Somerville, MA 02144
What I do:
I am a Developer and Information Systems Architect.  Much of my time is
spent developing and maintaining web-based collaboration tools.  I also
investigate emerging technologies, evolve internal processes and
increase coordination with other technical teams at Tufts.  My goal is
to be part of a very productive team noted for its contribution to the
Education & Background:
B.S Computer Science, Loyola College
Currently enrolled in M.S. in Computer Science at Tufts
I am very interested in education, especially engaging people who may not have liked school and don’t go out of their way to learn much. I’m willing to deal with any topic to reach them, but, left to my own devices, focus on astronomy, planetary geology and ancient languages. The way I hope to engage people is to write software so they can explore interesting datasets (e.g., data from probes to Mars, orbiting telescopes, Mayan writing). So far, I haven’t been very successful, but I’m still trying.