A brief history of iTunes U at Tufts

  • December 2011 – Encouragement from VP for Information Technology and CIO, David Kahle, alongside successful applicants for the Tufts Innovates! grant brought UIT, Web Communications, and University Relations to the table to discuss the potential for a public Tufts iTunes U portal.
  • Jan-April 2012 – We kicked off a round of service and portal design and development. During this period, we solicited potential content providers and put together initial iTunes U content.
  • May 2012 – Beta site launched.
  • Summer 2012
    • Refinement of service and portal design.
    • Continue to solicit public content from the Tufts community.
    • Explore the iTunes U open course delivery application.
    • Explore use of private materials integrated with Trunk course and project sites

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