Please use the form below to propose an academic technology project (related to teaching, learning, research) to meet the goals of a Tufts School, program, course, or lab. In addition to the UIT tactical projects to which we are already committed, we receive proposals for additional projects throughout the year and review those proposals on a monthly basis. We arrange follow-up consultations as appropriate with all Tufts faculty, students, and staff who propose academic technology projects.

Tufts Technology Services (TTS) receives many more project proposals than we are able to pursue each year. Beyond the design and development projects that yield university-wide academic technology services, we are generally able to select a few custom projects each year to meet innovative teaching, learning, and research goals of the Tufts community.

In reviewing proposals, TTS considers how closely the proposed project relates to TTS’s academic technology services mission, to enable the university and its diverse academic communities to realize their vast potential in teaching, learning, and research through the innovative design and meaningful integration of technology to meet broad and local goals. If the project would be appropriate for TTS to support, we assess whether we have the capacity and resources to provide the requested support.