February 2013: Effective Practices in Teaching with Technology at Tufts
A Showcase of Faculty Best Practices and Tufts Supported Tools

February 2010: Promoting Active Learning through Technology

February 2009: Innovative Teaching with Technology at Tufts
A Faculty Showcase of Technology Supporting Pedagogy

March 2008: Exploring Strategies for Engaged Learning in the Health Sciences
Keynote Presentation: Learning in a Clinical Setting
LuAnn Wilkerson, EdD, Professor of Medicine and Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California Los Angeles

March 2007: Exploring Effective Assessment and Evaluation Methods
Keynote Presentation: Communications Drives Assessment Quality
Cynthia Forehand, PhD, Professor, Anatomy and Neurobiology; Associate Dean, Graduate College, University of Vermont
Karen Richardson-Nassif, PhD, Professor, Family Medicine; Associate Dean, College of Medicine, University of Vermont

Fall 2005: From Theory to Practice – Dynamic Teaching and Learning in the Health Sciences
Keynote Presentation: Bridging the Gap between Didactic and Clinical Instruction
Ed Neal, PhD, Director, Faculty Development , Center for Teaching and Learning, University of North Carolina

October 2004: Maximizing Learning and Student Contact through Formative Assessment and Technology
Keynote Presentation: The Challenge of Too Much Information – How technology can help faculty and students manage content while maximizing learning
Harry Goldberg, PhD, Director, Office of Academic Computing; Assistant Dean, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine