UIT Educational & Scholarly Technology Services is immersed in open technology endeavors and partnerships that provide rich connections and innovative resources in the teaching, learning, collaboration, and scholarship space.

Open Educational & Scholarly Resources We Design and Develop:

  • AquaPedia (partnership with Dr. Shafiqul Islam, Professor, School of Engineering and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, and the University Seminar on “Water & Diplomacy”)
  • Boston Subsurface Project – (Funded through the Tisch Library Berger Family Technology Transfer Endowment and the Tufts University Academic Technology Internal Grants Program, a collaboration among faculty in the Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geology Departments, and staff of Tisch Library and UIT Academic Technology)
  • ConStats – a learning tool designed at Tufts University that allows introductory statistics students to actively experiment with statistical ideas and reasoning.
  • Crime and Punishment Simulation – (partnership with Kent Portney, Professor, Political Science, Tufts University, with support of a FIPSE grant from the U.S. Department of Education)
  • EcoLinkUp – an online communication and collaboration tool dedicated to connecting Tufts University’s Environmental Community
  • International Research Network (IRN) – (partnership with the International Relations Program, Tufts University)
  • Managing Endangered Species Habitat in Hawaii (partnership with Michael Reed, Professor, Biology, Tufts University, and his co-investigators)
  • Neurological Examination – (partnership with Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, including faculty PI’s and Department of Media Services)
  • RodRego – (partnership with Dan Dennett, Professor and Director, Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts University)
  • Trunk – learn, teach, collaborate (University service debuts in May 2011)
  • Tufts Digital Library (partnership with Tufts Digital Collections & Archives)
  • Visualizing Oral Histories Using Digital Tools: Bengali Intellectuals & Decolonization (partnership with Kris Manjapra, Assistant Professor, History, Tufts University; Digital Collections & Archives; Tisch Library; and UIT Research & Geospatial Technology Services)
  • VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) (supported initially through three rounds of Mellon Foundation funding)

Open Source Software We Deploy and/or Develop in Support of Education and Scholarship at Tufts and Beyond:

  • Fedora (Tufts Digital Library)
  • Sakai (Tufts University platform for learning, teaching, and collaboration)
  • Open Source Portfolio (OSP – integrated with Sakai)
  • VUE (Visual Understanding Environment)
  • WordPress
  • Jforum
  • iClicker
  • GoogleMaps API
  • GoogleEarth
  • Linux
  • MySQL

Organizations/Communities Focused on Openness Where We Participate Actively:

  • DuraSpace (Gold Sponsor)
  • Sakai (Academic Partner)
  • Sakai Health Sciences Interest Group (Co-founding institution, with Indiana)
  • Northeast Fedora Day (Sponsoring Institution)
  • Northeast Sakai Special Interest Group (Founding Institution – through NERCOMP)