Innovations in Learning (newsletter archive)

From 2002-05, Tufts Academic Technology published the Innovations in Learning newsletter quarterly. These archived issues continue to offer relevant research, insights, and resource links.

November 2005 (download PDF)

  • Learning Tools for the Net Generation
  • Facilitating Communities through the Use of Social Bookmarks
  • What is ARTStor?

May 2005 (download PDF)

  • The Role of Technology in Student Feedback and Assessment
  • Eco-Linkup: Connecting Tufts University’s Environmental Community
  • Classroom Response Systems: Case Scenarios for Use
  • ICPSR Summer Program Available
  • How Can I Use Tablet PCs for Teaching?
  • Technology Resources for Student Feedback and Assessment

March 2005 (download PDF)

  • What is a Digital Library?
  • Technology Assistance at Tufts (Part II)
  • Digital Libraries at Tufts and Beyond

November 2004 (download PDF)

  • Cognitive Desiderata: Answering the Question Before Choosing the Technology
  • Pedagogy into Instructional Technology: An Interview with Nick Laudato
  • Technology Assistance at Tufts
  • Webcast

September 2004 (download PDF)

  • Technologies for Active Learning
  • Innnovative Roles of Technology in Research, Part Two
  • Faculty Development at Academic Technology
  • What is a Wiki?
  • 2004 APT Grant Recipients Announced
  • Additional Resources for Active Learning

June 2004 (download PDF)

  • Ethics and Technology
  • What is the IRB?
  • Article Review / Ethical Issues Concerning the Use of Geographic Information Systems Technology with Indigenous Communities

March 2004 (download PDF)

  • Transforming Research Through Technology
  • Innovative Roles of Technology In Research, Part One
  • Article Review / Scientific Collaboratories: Evaluating their Potential
  • What is an ePortfolio?

November 2003 (download PDF)

  • Critical Thinking and Technology Roundtable
  • Profiles in Faculty Development, Part 2
  • Article Review: How to Improve Critical Thinking Using Educational Technology
  • What is Just-in-Time Teaching?
  • Additional Resources

September 2003 (download PDF)

  • Innovations in Faculty Development
  • Profiles in Faculty Development, Part 1
  • What is a Blog?
  • Additional Resources

April 2003 (download PDF)

  • The Spectrum of Cognitive Tools
  • ILDs: Cognitive Tools at Tufts
  • Instructional Strategies

February 2003 (download PDF)

  • The Nature of Situated Learning
  • E-Government: A Course in Situated Learning
  • Instructional Strategies

November 2002 (download PDF)

  • Learning – A Social Process
  • Facilitating Social Learning
  • Instructional Strategies

September 2002 (download PDF)

  • Universal Design for Learning and Teaching
  • Human Factors and UDL at Tufts
  • UDL in Practice: Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler’s Approach