Paul Bergen, Director

David Grogan, Senior Solutions Specialist

Janet Hill, Associate Director of Educational Technologies

Manisha Parwani, Senior Project Manager

Client Services

Haejung Chung, Senior Educational Technology Specialist

Jake Dempsey, Educational Technology Specialist

Candace Girard, Educational Technology Specialist

Neal Hirsig, Senior Client Support & Multimedia/LMS Specialist

Jonelle Lonergan, Educational Technology Specialist

Bryan Revis, Senior Educational Technology Specialist 

Zora Rizzi, Senior Client Support & Multimedia/LMS Specialist

Technical Services

Ian Altgilbers, Senior System Administrator

Brian Goodmon, Senior Software Engineer

Will Humphries, Senior Software Engineer

Mike Korcynski, Principal Software Engineer

Online and Blended Learning

Patrick Connell, Director of Web, Communications & Online Learning

Tim Calvin, Educational Technology Specialist

Amanda Cegielski, Online Learning Specialist

Justin Lauzon, Senior Educational Technology Specialist

Aleksandar Lekic, Senior Multimedia Production Specialist

Technology for Learning in the Health Sciences

Susan Albright, Director, Health Sciences Educational Technologies

Elaine Almeida, Senior Training & User Support Specialist

Usman Aslam, Senior Systems Administrator

Pratham Joshi, Programmer Analyst

Erden Oktay, Programmer Analyst

Isarin Sathiruangsak, Web Applications Manager

Elad Tsur, Senior Software Engineer

Tim Winn, Senior Educational Technology Specialist