A flipped classroom consists of lecture outside of class and active engagement inside of class. Teachers who flip their classrooms create new possibilities for active learning, but what are the most pedagogically sound tools and techniques for teaching the inverted model?

A CD of this online seminar presented by Ike Shibley, Ph.D., an associate professor of chemistry at Penn State Berks, and Timothy D. Wilson, Ph.D., an assistant professor at the University of Western Ontario is available for loan from ESTS.  If interested send an email to Rebecca Sholes at rebecca.sholes@tufts.edu.

In this seminar the presenters:

  • examine the technology that facilitates the flip;
  • explore the types of active learning possible in the newly liberated face-to-face time; and
  • put the flipped model into context with what is known about how learning works in the brain.

Materials from the presentation:

Flipped Classroom Powerpoint

Flipped Classroom Supplemental Materials