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Global Land Art by Andrew Rogers

Through December 16, the Tufts Art Gallery at the Aidekman Arts Center is featuring an exhibit called “Global Land Art.” The exhibit showcases photographs of land art created by Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers.

For several years, Rogers has traveled the globe to create art in deserts, on glaciers, and in parks using a variety of natural materials, including rock, clay, granite, and sandstone, among other things. His large-scale art is then photographed from aerial perspectives for a stunning look at the vastness and scale of his impressive projects. Check out some of the photos below, and be sure to stop by the exhibit to see the entire collection!

"Ancient Language" in Chile's Atacama Desert is a two-headed llama made of rock and clay

"Labyrinth" in Nepal features the universal motif of a maze, made entirely of granite

"To Life" in Israel's Arava Desert uses sandstone to create the Hebrew word Chai ("life")

"Rhythms of Life," on the Dakshin Gangotri Glacier in Antartica, was constructed entirely of moraine gravel. The art was only visible for a few hours, as the ice melted quickly, and it stood to symbolize the transient nature of life.


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