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Engineering Week 2011

Want to find out how high you can duct tape your friend to a wall using the least amount of tape? So do we! Yes, that’s right, Tuesday marked the beginning of Engineering Week, a chance for engineering departments to go head-to-head in numerous events to earn points, while testing their engineering knowledge in a lighthearted way.

‘E-Week’ is a national celebration that supports the education of engineers, and the values of engineering ethics. This year at Tufts, there are six different groups composed of specific engineering majors (mechanical, chemical, etc.) and at each event, ten points will be distributed to the winners of the competition, or the group with the highest attendance at a lecture or movie.

Engineering Week

According to Engineering Student Council president, Maren Frisell, E12, an environmental engineering major, at the end of the week, “the winning group will be awarded the ‘E-Week’ trophy and will pick a charity to receive money collected during ‘coin wars,’ one of our favorite events.”

In past years, some events have attracted over 50 students, with many noting that it’s a great chance for engineering students from different years to interact with one another. The student-run week began Tuesday with opening ceremonies in Anderson, and runs through Friday night, with a closing ceremony in Hotung Cafe.

The 13 events are coordinated by various School of Engineering student groups such as BME, EWB, ASCE, NSBE, and more. The events this year include everything from a lecture on Chilean earthquakes to a chili taste-off, and even a few returning favorites like the Lego building or clown car competition. Is there anyone who doesn’t wish that they could have a Lego building competition? (Check out photos from the competition from the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach.)

For Tufts, this is the third annual Engineering week. As an undergrad at the University of Wisconsin, Matt Van Lieshout participated in ‘E-Week’, and in 2009 as a mechanical engineering graduate student at Tufts, he proposed the idea to Dean Abriola’s office. Although the idea was introduced only a few weeks prior to the official start date, student groups rallied quickly and were able to make the event a huge success.

As a part of the tribute to engineering week, the National Engineers Week Foundation is recognizing the exciting and unique work of young engineers who are working to solve issues on a global scale. Among the New Faces of Engineering is Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan, a recent Tufts graduate, who in December of 2008 launched the Information System on Human and Health Services, the first online database in India to collect information on people with disabilities. Veeraraghavan was nominated by IEEE/IEEE-USA after receiving the Achievement Award from the Member Geographic Activities (MGA), the Outstanding Student Humanitarian Prize, and even the People’s Choice Prize, which recognizes students who use engineering, science, computing, and leadership skills to develop solutions to real world problems.
‘E-Week’ coordinators hope that Veeraraghavan’s story will inspire others to make a connection between engineering and benefiting humanity. Engineering Week kicked off Tuesday at noon in the Anderson Lobby.

For a schedule of events taking place, visit the Engineering Student Council website.
To read more about Veeraraghavan, read last year’s feature story on his work. Or for more information on E-week, nationally, visit

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