…and all through the room, the travel team was working, ready to leave for Uganda!!!

Tomorrow is August 1st and the travel team will be departing for their 3 week implementation trip to the Shilongo Village in Mbale, Uganda. Traveling is Erin Coonahan, Erin Fleurant, Misaki Nozawa, Cliff Bargar, and Greg Meyerhoff. They have been doing some amazing work this summer and are all set to dive in head first into a foreign country to continue the partnership between Tufts University Engineers Without Borders, the Shilongo Village, and our contact NGO FDNC.

They will be updating this blog with their travels and progress and hope that you follow their work!

We wish them the best as they embark on their journey! They are all incredibly excited and naturally a little bit nervous, but they are very prepared and well supplied with everything they need to make the trip a success.