Mulembe (Hello!)

After many airplanes, long travels, and a few pieces of lost luggage, we have met up with Samuel from FDNC (Foundation for Development of Needy Communities). We spent the night (or we hours of the morning) at an Entebbe travel motel, and have now begun to explore the capital, Kampala. Hopefully we will head back to Entebbe to claim lost luggage later this afternoon, then on to Mbale. We will hopefully arrive in Mbale later this evening, spend the night, and explore the city in the morning. Then, off to our final destination of the Shilongo village.

Everyone has been so nice and we are so excited to meet the rest of the community members.

Scenes from Kampala include Malibu storks (a bird mixture between a turkey, vulture, and eagle) and lots of Coca-cola signs (a welcome site from home).

More details to come – when we reach Mbale. Internet is expensive here!

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Erin F., Erin C., Misaki, Cliff, and Greg