Today we started off once again with rain. In the time it took us to walk from the house to the Shilongo village we went from a mere mist to a downpour. Thank goodness George invited Erin C., Erin F., and John into his house for shelter. Most of the morning was spent waiting for the rain to subside. The afternoon was productive, as the community members dug the area under the spigots for the jerry cans. They also “drilled” (aka pounded a metal rod with a hammer) into the bricks to place the pipes and the spigots. After lunch, we worked with them to do both the inner and outer layers of cement for the walls of the tank. The next steps for tomorrow will be to get big enough wire mesh and wood for a frame to pour the concrete cover for the tank. We also hope to set up the spigots and finalize the base of the tank.

While all of the construction was occurring in the village, Misaki and Cliff spent the first part of the day in Mbale, gathering nearly all of the remaining materials, including flexible tubing for the water. When they returned, Misaki joined the village for the final aspects of building while Erin C and Erin F went to another serving committee meeting at the local school. Cliff and Greg returned to the PONT-Uganda machine shop to cut the threaded rod and rectangular steel pieces. While there, Cliff went with Julius, the head mechanic at Pont, to Mbale to get a special part to hold the shaft attached to the sprocket.

Overall, today was a successful today considering the weather. The travel team deserves a “watchenyala” (well done!)

Until next time,
John, Misaki, Cliff, Erin C., Erin F., Greg

(We are still working to get some pictures up!)