Misaki and Michael at the tank

The before

Part of the Team with Rogers, our buddy from Shilongo

Erin F. carrying bricks

The tank with the four pipes for the taps

Rebar and concrete for the lid

Tufts Project Team the day I took off

The project team

Sifting sand to remove stones for the mortar

Good morning all,

This is John making a guest appearance on the blog to upload some photos for everyone to see how the progress is coming along. The internet connection in Mbale is painfully slow, so i don’t think uploading photos is a reasonable option.

I just got back to the States on Sunday after spending just about a week on the ground with the project team.  We made progress in leaps and bounds during that week and I was very pleased with how well things are coming together.  The travel team is really working hard and doing a wonderful job implementing the project. I’m very proud of them and I think the rest of the members of the EWB project that weren’t able to travel this year will be proud of them as well. The community is really taking to the storage tank and pump lever modification.  So here are some photos to give everyone a better idea of what’s going on with the project.