So usually this blog is mostly posts from our group in Shilongo, but it’s about time that we provided some at home insight.

We, as you, our readers must, love reading these blog posts because it gives those of us who haven’t traveled a more intimate view of the community we work with and those of us who have, an intense longing to go back.

These trips are not only important for gathering technical information and improving community relations, they always end up providing inspiration and injecting enthusiasm back into our meetings at Tufts.

Last year, we realized that the project that we implemented for the community wasn’t the right choice for them and we were discouraged for a bit. We had no direction and no plans. But, we visited in January of 2012 and that travel team came back and reminded the group about why we involve ourselves in this particular line of work.

Kevin put it simply for us. The people of Shilongo are inspiring and we are always looking for their perspective, but above all, we feed off of their enthusiasm.

We hope that everyone in our group willing to travel gets the opportunity to because as every single person who has had the privilege of visiting Shilongo, it is life changing.

Happy return to campus for all of the group members – we hope you’re ready to work hard! And for those reading for pleasure or interest, we hope that these blog posts have shown you how much we love working in Shilongo.