Life according to Peter Lewis:

The first day we met our host family. A 4 year old named Arthur
instantly started grabbing Kevin, Peter and Kyle’s faces screaming
“moon wan wah!” (it means beard in lugisu). Now all but Kyle have
shaved to avoid the aggressive hair yanking. The host family is
awesome and the meals have been delicious.
After settling down the first day, Timothy, a native Shilongan, gave
us a tour of all the water sources of Shilongo. Each source was marked
with a GPS unit to provide mapping information.
John arrived in Shilongo on Friday, bringing all kinds of joy. In fact
within the first couple of days, a soccer match was played with the
community. Have no fear; the talents of John and Peter were
brilliantly displayed as both scored goals in the smallest goal ever
made. The Shilongons particularly enjoyed John’s cartwheel and Peter’s
somersault celebrations.
The water board met with us and we discussed tank renovations. Due to
misunderstood priorities, the design was altered to make a bigger tank
with a smaller wall. For those that don’t know, the wall was for
keeping the children from playing on the tank. Everyone is happy with
the design and construction should start tomorrow.
The whole travel team attended church on Sunday, with the group
splitting so that two church services were attended. It was pretty
chill. The dancing and singing was excellent.
Last night, another meeting took place with our FDNC contact Samuel
and members of the community. This conversation focused on the future
of EWB’s relationship with Shilongo and ensuring our projects
positively impact the community as we planned. Obviously it is very
important the community actually wants and needs the projects we
implement to ensure sustainability.
The company for providing power to the borehole and the company that
installed the borehole were both visited. The borehole company gave
us all their data for one of the boreholes in Shilongo which we are
excited about.
Obviously this is just a brief summary, but for those who really love
us, here are updates.
Kyle: The count is 23. Due to Kyle’s appearance he has been dubbed the
brother of Jesus by many members of the community. Kyle, perhaps
taking this too much to heart, sat on a pile of thorns not realizing
the thorns were supposed to be made into a crown to put on his head.
Also he is deathly afraid of spiders. He made our host dad Samuel go
into the latrine and burn the spiders because he was visibly
terrified. By the way, Kyle grew up on a farm and had a pet chicken he
carried around in his backpack. He would get and eat ice cream with
this chicken, literally sharing the ice cream. He then ate his pet
chicken for dinner and was traumatized. Kyle is also trying to pioneer
the term “weekend dad” which no one knows what it means. It is not
catching on. Kyle won’t let anyone forget he loves agriculture.
Kevin: Kevin is a man of science. In need of a control for the water
tests, he found goat poop and made a special homebrew concoction.
Apparently it’s a family recipe.   His shoulder is intact and doing
well and he particularly enjoys throwing Arthur around (all of us
do). His memory of Lugisu and due to the fact this is his second trip
to Shilongo have made him a huge hit in the community. The kids
particularly are fascinated by his leg and arm hair.
Abby: As stern as always, Abby continues to find Peter and Kevin the
least funny people on the planet. Even John has joined in the comments
about her seriousness. But don’t worry, sometimes if we try hard, we
can get her to smile. She is also the Queen of Tea and makes it for
Peter every time due to her talents.
John: As soon as John arrived, the potty humor came out. Just like
Benjamin Button, he’s becoming younger each and every day. He has
appointed himself judge of the day’s best jokes. Currently funny man
Peter is leading Kevin in the race for funniest man in Shilongo. As
said before, John scored a goal in soccer proving he still has the
athleticism of his youth. Don’t worry Alexia, he has already turned
down a Ugandan fiancé. Also John is trying hard to make everyone have
a Keisha quote of the day. It’s also not catching on.
Peter: After being called Mzungu (white man) over a hundred times in
three minutes (not exaggerating) Peter pondered his place in this
world where he was this Mzungu. However, after scoring a goal in
soccer (on team Moon wan wah) and being dubbed Mzungu lightning by
himself, Peter is doing just fine. He has become known in the
community for his inability to pronounce the “tz” sound and his
struggles learning Lugisu. Also a Shilongan friend named Fred has
promised him 7 wives.
Classic Jenny: Jenny has quickly proved herself the most popular
member in Shilongo. She is constantly being invited for meals in
people’s homes and is continuously stuck in long conversations with
random people. Jenny is an inquisitor. Perhaps her most poignant
question was directed at one of our friends Justine. She asked “how do
Ugandan people sound when they sneeze?” Classic Jenny.  Let’s just say
this question never got an answer. Due to her inablility to say no,
Jenny has found herself a born-again Christian who eats seven meals a
day. She even took candy from a stranger. But have no fear, everyone
in Shilongo loves her.

And that’s all folks.