Hello everybody, this is John and I’m back on US soil, while the rest of the travel team is probably mid-trip as I’m writing this. It’s was a long, arduous trip back, about 40 hours door to door. It was also rather bittersweet to leave such a welcoming and caring community and a great set of students.

On my last night in the village, we decided to cook for our hosts and some of their neighbors. We decided that making pizza would be a unique treat for the people in the village. Kyle took command with his own personal pizza dough recipe (minus the yeast, which wasn’t available) and everyone participated in the preparation and cooking, all to a rousing success. It was a unique, flatbread style pan cooked pizza, that was delicious.  There was enough pizza to feed about 40 people, so it allowed us to provide some to more people.

The work with the tank was just about wrapped up, and I’m as eager as everyone else is to see how the final product turned out. I would like to take this opportunity to describe what a sincere pleasure it was to work with and get to know better everyone on the trip.  Each person had their own unique talents and gifts that made them a key part of the team. For the sake of brevity (i’m still jet-lagged) I’m not going to list everyone’s unique talents, but I found this group was full of highly intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, charming and truly endearing. We had plenty of laughs and formed a strong bond. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to work this team and I know the village was very lucky and appreciative to have them working on the village’s behalf.  I wish the travel team and safe and pleasant return and I look forward to getting back to work on the next phase of the project when they get back.