Hey all just a quick update on how the project implementation is progressing!
Yesterday we were in Mbale and purchased all of the necessary materials for the structure to be built. Jude ordered a boda boda to bring 4 10 foot steel poles back to shilongo and they somehow beat us back so that by the time we arrived all four poles were already drying in the cement. Today Dave and I went back into Mbale to continue our search for a motor that will suit ours needs in seemingly ever single shop in the city. We fortuately have some promising leads that we will follow up on when we come back into Mbale on Monday afternoon. In the meantime Jenny, Lily, and Colin are busy doing water testing and finishng up the structure in Shilongo. We expect to start building the bicycle component of the project on Tuesday and are right on schedule to finish the entire project in time.
P.S. we are going to eat a celebratory chicken tomorrow to celebrate all of our seniors officially graduating!