Day 4: Softball Champions!

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Hola nuestros amigos!

Today we were challenged by the San Jose Villanueva women’s softball team. We met them at the town field to play one 8 inning game of softball in the hot Salvadoran sun. Beads of sweat began to trickle from our brows as we watched the SJV team stroll in with their crisp uniforms. Rob, or should we say, “Roberto Fuerzo” was showing off some serious high school baseball skills. Jake turned out to be an impressive third baseman, while Jesse intimidated every SJV runner that made it to first base. Luke was an all-star by picking up almost every position on the team at one point in the game, from catcher, to pitcher, to outfielder. BIG thanks to some of the women of the SJV team for switching to our team at the start of the game. With the help of some of their players, we won a fierce 8 inning softball game.

After the game we got down to business. We recapped everything that we learned about Porvenir and the existing water source over the past few days and we discussed alternative solutions for the project. Then we met with the community  to present our ideas and gather input from the residents of El Porvenir.

Tonight we will head to Graciela’s for the most delicious pupusas and tortas in the area. Tomorrow we will be continuing assessment and possibly revisiting an old EWB site!

Until next time!

The Travel Team


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