Day 5: Working hard!

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We started our day with a relaxed morning. Luke and Jake woke up early and went to Catholic Mass with Mike. It was lively, and although some of the Spanish was over Jake’s head, they all enjoyed the live music. When they returned, we spent the rest of the morning brainstorming and evaluating ideas for the project and then headed to Porvenir in our friend Felipe’s truck. He loves Mexican music, and those of us who have heard him sing think he should give up farming for a new life as a Mariachi.

In Porvenir, we did some serious assessment. Ariel and Jake worked on flow rate testing and yielded great results that show significant flow from the outflow upstream from the existing spring box! At the same time, Jesse and Rob attacked the hillside with a pickaxe and a machete. You’d think they were digging for gold, but the resource were looking for in this case is water. They hammered a perforated pipe into areas of soil looking for moisture or any source of water. They couldn’t find any new locations, which is unfortunate, but still valuable information for us to have. Luke and Roxanne continued land surveying around the existing spring box.

We headed back towards San Jose Villanueva and took Mike’s car, the “scoffer” into Arada Vieja. At first glance, the roads to Arada Vieja seem impassible by any motor vehicle. But the Mike’s car gets its name because it sees these roads and scoffs, we cant imagine what kind of road the “scoffer” can’t handle.

Arada Vieja is a community where EWB successfully completed the installation of a RAM pump and bio-sand filter system three years ago. It’s still functional, and the people seem to be doing a good job of taking care of it. We enjoyed the gorgeous sunset over the mountains of the Salvadoran coast as we headed back to Epilogos to debrief after an eventful day. But of course no work session can be productive without first having a yummy SalvadoranĀ  chicken soup dinner and then going on a cockroach raid after killing the cockroach that joined Ariel in the shower.

All of the work we have done in the past few days has generated a lot of questions amongst the group. We’re excited for Professor Durant to come tomorrow to discuss with us our progress and to move forward with the project.

Hasta manana!

The Travel Team

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  • Dave Michelsen says:

    Great sounding work. It would be great if you can sort out a way to collect all that water and store it in a tank for when they need it.

    How does the cover look? Did it survive the rainy season?

    Say hello to Mike and Susie for me!





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