Day 8: Women, children, and a ton of stickers

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Another day in El Salvador!

The group woke up at 7 AM and enjoyed another breakfast at Epilogos of cereal, yogurt, and oatmeal! Mike wanted us to check out another project going on in a different part of San Jose Villanueva for a little bit this morning. The project is a house construction for a family of 6 and is being funded and built by a Rotary group from New Hampshire. We ventured over there to check out their work. They’ve definitely done a lot in the short period of time that they’ve been here. All of the walls are raised and they’re working on getting the final blocks ready for the roof! It wasgood to chat with them, as they have a lot of interest in our project as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up with them before we all head back to the States!

We then went back to Epilogos, where we spent a couple of hours working on our post-assessment report and getting materials ready for the day. Ana made us an awesome lunch of Tilapia and we were on our way to the community!

Earlier in the week, we planned to have a meeting with the women of the community in order to discuss their opinions about a water project, since they are often the ones collecting the water each day. At the same time, we organized a “camp” for the kids of the community to learn about hygiene associated with water use. Ariel and Roxanne led the women’s meeting, which went really well! They got a lot of good information regarding water usage and their opinions on some of our possible projects. This left Luke, Rob, Jake, and Jesse to run the children’s mini-camp of games and activities. Although the kids were very timid at the start, they opened up as we made fools of ourselves playing “Agua, Agua, Jab√≥n” (Duck, Duck,Goose but with Water & Soap), colored using leaves as stencils, and played a community-health oriented game of Bingo! We ended the meeting with lots of stickers, which they all seemed proud to show their mothers.

After this, many of the men joined the group and we all headed down to Domingo’s spring box, where we have been working most of the trip. We discussed some improvements that could be made to the water source and some of their opinions on the future of the project. It was great to get so much participation and a lot of different opinions. Many of those community members also volunteered to walk us back to San Jose Villanueva (about an hour long walk), so we continued chatting along the way.

Back at Epilogos, we gathered our thoughts and debriefed on what happened during the day. We enjoyed another great dinner, some guitar lessons from Jesse, and a trip down the street to the ice cream store (where we have quickly become regulars…). Tomorrow is our last full day with Professor Durant, so we are hoping to make the most of it!

– The Travel Team


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