Day 9: Cue Phase Three

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We began our day by piling into the “scoffer” and headed to Porvenir to continue our site assessment! Jesse, Ariel, and Jesus Antonio made a clay dam around the outflow located upstream from the existing spring box. Jesse and Ariel measured the flow rate of the outflow, while Rob and Jake took detailed measurements of the existing spring box dimensions. Roxanne sat across the river and sketched a lovely artistic rendering of one of our potential project ideas. Luke convinced Jesus Antonio to pretend he had a giant spider in his hands and try to give it to Jake. We all had a good laugh when Jake jumped back and started yelling at him, “No, no!”

Pack up team! We're off to Porvenir!

The Artist Herself

At La Vega Dos

In the afternoon, Rob, Roxanne, and Jake stayed at Mike’s and worked through a few equations and calculations that are critical to our project assessment. All of our data collection and analysis seems to be requiring as much off-site work as on-site work. Professor Durant, Luke, Jesse, and Ariel went to look at a new community called La Vega Dos. It is one of four communities that gets water from a large tank in a nearby community called Serena. The water is already piped into La Vega Dos, where every other day they can access the water via public faucets. Carlos, a community leader, guided us through the village and explained the community’s plans to pipe the water to forty of the seventy four houses in the community. La Vega Dos seem to have engineered a good and well organized project. The only thing they need is the funds to buy the pipes. We will bring the case up to our group back at Tufts to discuss further whether a project at La Vega Dos is fit for our group.

Tonight is Professor Durant’s last night with us, so in his honor we ordered steaming hot pupusas for dinner! He has been very helpful over the last few days, and we are sad to see him go back home!


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