Day 10: A Day at the Beach

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Today we took a break from the project to explore the coast of El Salvador, famous to all the world-class surfers out there. The rotary club from New Hampshire graciously invited us to the beach house, named ‘El Otro Lado’. Literally this means “the other side”, which is exactly what the beach house feels like. When we stepped onto the property, all of our tension and exhaustion from the past ten days melted away. The beach house is a little paradise, an escape from the struggles of the real world that lay just beyond the entrance doors.

El Otro Lado

We had a great afternoon with Bill, Peter, Brenda, Heidi, Linka, Ron and everyone else at the beach house. Bill shared with us his mean guacamole (yum!) and we grilled up some burgers. Peter, Roxanne, Jesse, and Ariel came back from a long walk on the beach with 2lbs of fresh jumbo shrimp that they picked up from a fisherman that they had passed by. We threw those on the grill as well. All day we spent relaxing in the warm Salvadoran heat, knowing subconsciously that in a few days we would be greeted by the frigid Boston air. Together we shared our adventures in El Salvador, reminisced about good times in New England, and discussed how the Pats would match up against the Broncos. All conversation was put on pause when the clock struck 6pm. The sun was setting over the ocean so we hurried out to watch the beautiful colors of the sky change over the horizon.

The travel team goes to the beach!

A fantastic pair of leaders

Salvadoran Sunset

Thanks so much to the New Hampshire group for hosting us, and we wish you well as you finish up your house building project!

After a day of rest we are ready to get back to work! Buenos noches, and go Patriots!

Travel Team out.


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