Day 11: Buenos Porvenir!

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Back to the daily grind in Porvenir! We were up early for a seven a.m. departure. Not a big deal considering that most days a few of us are often up before the roosters and the stray dogs that populate SJV. Sunday seems to be the day of music. From sunrise until after sunset, the music that plays in the local church never ends. The morning flutes serenade us during breakfast. They make a slow transition to soft Christian rock in the afternoon. By night time our ears are no longer sensitive to the howling and crooning of the lead vocalists of the band.

In Porvenir we permanently installed a staff gauge into the spring box so that we can consistently measure the water height in the existing spring box in the future. The community emptied the spring box completely, which enabled us to measure and estimate the flow rate of the spring. We noticed that when the spring box was completely empty, the water stopped flowing from cracks in the river bank near the existing spring box. We understand from this observation that the water that normally flows out of those cracks in the river bank are connected to the source of the existing spring box. When the water  level in the existing spring box reaches a certain height, the hydraulic pressure works in a way that causes the spring to eventually stop and water finds other underground paths to flow through. We think that collecting water from these other points of escape might be one way to collect more water from the source.

Jake installing the staff gauge

Men by the spring box

We shared our observations and ideas with many of the leaders in El Porvenir and started to discuss our next steps for the future of our project. We are looking forward to sharing all of this newly gathered information with the group.

Until next time, hasta luego!

Travel Team


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