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Day 8: Women, children, and a ton of stickers

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Another day in El Salvador! The group woke up at 7 AM and enjoyed another breakfast at Epilogos of cereal, yogurt, and oatmeal! Mike wanted us to check out another project going on in a different part of San Jose Villanueva for a little bit this morning. The project is a house construction for a […]

Day 5: Working hard!

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We started our day with a relaxed morning. Luke and Jake woke up early and went to Catholic Mass with Mike. It was lively, and although some of the Spanish was over Jake’s head, they all enjoyed the live music. When they returned, we spent the rest of the morning brainstorming and evaluating ideas for […]

Day 2: Exploring El Porvenir

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We’ve successfully completed our first full day here in El Salvador! We woke up at 7:30 AM here in the Epilogos Volunteer house, got ourselves ready for the day, and then headed over to the main Epilogos building for breakfast. Ana, who works, with Mike & Susie, made us an awesome pancake breakfast before we […]