Teaching and Learning

Lots going on at the ExCollege right now. One big thing is the upcoming deadline for teams of rising juniors or seniors to teach an Explorations or Perspectives seminar. Apps are due next Wednesday, March 16th. Folks who have taught in the past are gathering Friday to make a video about what the experience was like. Check back here to see it!

The Next Ali

Sad to say, but our Program Assistant, Ali Mehlsak (A09), will be leaving us soon, and we are on the hunt to fill her Frye boots. We usually hire a just-graduated Tufts alum for the upcoming academic year. Unlike a lot of stuff out there, this is an honest-to-goodness paid position with benefits. If you are interested or know someone who might be, contact Cindy Stewart at cynthia.stewart@tufts.edu.

New Faces

Members of the 2010-2011 ExCollege Board

Last night, the ExCollege Board finished interviewing the candidates for next year’s board. It’s a great group of students, all of whom are interested in what the board does and in expanding upon or improving on what we do. It’s always exciting hearing from students about their perceptions about the ExCollege. The positive feedback is nice to hear and the constructive feedback is crucial to hear – even if it twinges our ego a little. Final decisions will be made at next week’s meeting!