Flipping Out

Since I don’t have enough disposable income to buy all the newest toys for myself, I’m always excited when I can buy new stuff for the ExCollege. Usually Howard gets to buy the fun filmmaking equipment, but I beat him to it this time. I just ordered 4 Flip MinoHD video cameras to use for our Perspectives program! These cameras, along with those that can be borrowed from Tisch Library now, will help to replace the ancient mini-DV camcorders we’ve been using for training and small-group projects in Perspectives seminars. They’ll save us a lot of hassle over downloading issues and computer compatibility. Not to mention they’re way cooler. And when we’re not using them for Perspectives, they’ll be available as loaners for Joe and Jane Student doing a video for Arabic class or whatnot. Just another reason to love the ExCollege!

Flip MinoHD video camera

Flip MinoHD video camera - coming soon to the ExCollege!