First-year Seminar Leaders Boot Camp

Since last Wednesday night, the Explorations and Perspectives leaders have been in intensive training to get ready to teach their seminars for incoming first-year students. Check out some of the photos from our kick-off dinner.

Welcome Back, Explorations and Perspectives Leaders!

It’s an exciting day at the ExCollege…the upperclass students who are teaching Explorations and Perspectives seminars for first-year students start their training tonight with a kick-off dinner and inspiration from Steve Cohen, lecturer in the Education Department. Then they’ll go through intensive training for teaching and advising through next Tuesday, and next Wednesday, the first-year students arrive to start Orientation. Can you believe it?

Ramping up for fall

Though I haven’t posted much this summer, we’ve actually been rather busy in behind-the-scenes work on fall courses, orientation, first-year seminars, and even a possible fall event or two. The ExCollege also welcomes our new Program Assistant, Melissa Burke, who starts work next week. Look for some posts from her soon!

Melissa Burke, Program Assistant, 2011-2012

Melissa Burke, Program Assistant, 2011-2012