The ExCollege: A Freshmen Perspective

Becoming a freshman at Tufts is an experience like no other. Your script for the first few days consists of three questions and then three answers: 1. What’s your name? 2. Where are you from? and 3. What dorm you are living in? Then you would move on to meeting the next person. This is the taste of Tufts during orientation week. If anyone is interesting enough you continue the dialogue; if not, on to the next person! Then you worry about who your roommate really is and whether or not you’ll be surviving the chaos once the rest of the university steps foot on the hill. I was lucky enough to have chosen the Perspectives advising option, and had two upperclassmen as my professors in a class offered by the ExCollege.

Now stop in the name of revolutionary! What is the ExCollege, or better known to the rest of the world as the Experimental College? I wanted to know more of this “ExCollege”, the department that had the idea of putting young, hope-filled, naive freshmen under the guidance of upperclassmen who would show them the path to success at Tufts. And as an added bonus, the class is a credit worth of knowledge about the art and business of film! I went to my computer and entered the terms ‘ExCollege Tufts’ into the search engine box and there they were: the two links that would open the gates of happiness. One link educated me on the history of the ExCollege,  and the other link led me to a job posting. The ExCollege had an opening for work-study students. Bingo!, Yahtzee!, Jackpot!…or any other game named happy exclamation for that matter! I filled out the online application, got an interview, and now have found myself at a desk organizing paperwork, posting flyers, and taking on any other tasks that come my way.

My friends couldn’t believe that I was working at the ExCollege! I was as excited as they were surprised that this was even a possibility. Working here is one of the best things that I do on campus. From working here, I’ve noticed that the ExCollege pushes the envelop of traditional course offerings found under the various subjects offered at the U. ExCollege courses delve deeply into a topic and bring a professional of that field to teach the class over the course of a semester. What better way to learn about a subject than from someone who actually lives and breathes it everyday!? Now, more than ever, the ExCollege is becoming hub of excitement on campus that everyone should know about. So LIKE the Facebook page, FOLLOW on Twitter, and READ/COMMENT on the blog. It’s your voice and presence that gives the ExCollege its pulse. Be a part of the legacy so that this continues!

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