A Taste of Tufts: A Sampling of Faculty Research

The Experimental College invites you to A Taste of Tufts: A Sampling of Faculty Research. This series of Friday noontime presentations showcases research being done by Tufts faculty and administrators. Next in the series is a presentation from David Locke on Friday, February 10th, 12-1pm in the Granoff Music Building, Room 155. A light lunch will be provided following the presentation.

David Locke’s research subject is the heritage of music and dance traditions of Africa. Most of his scholarly publications have been on material from the Ewe and Dagomba peoples of Ghana. He sees his work as a bridge between African musicians and non-African musicians, especially those who would perform the music in new settings. He also likes to think that his work helps sustain valuable human creations in an era of rapid change. He has put substantial amounts of material up on the Internet with the idea that it will be accessible world-wide at modest price. David’s presentation will include visiting these websites, as well as some live demonstration and inter-active “hands-on” learning.